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to our readersto our readers: greetings

Welcome back from a fireworks-filled weekend celebrating America's Independence Day! France's Independence Day also lands in July, keeping with the French American community spotlight this month. We hope you get the most out of what we've put together for you in this edition of réd!
-- Team Améredia

spotlight on the Greek Communityspotlight on: the French American community

The French American community is often overlooked as an ethnic group due its almost impeccable assimilation into American culture. In fact, it is American culture that absorbed much of the French ways during waves of migration in the early nineteenth century. This blend of cultures is most visible today, where mayonnaise, sauté, casserole and hors d'oeuvres form part of everyday American vocabulary.

French American Organizations
The French American community has a variety of professional and cultural organizations in the U.S., a few of them listed below.
American Association of Teachers of French
American-French Genealogical Society
Federation of Alliances Françaises USA
Franco American Club
French American Chamber of Commerce
French American Cultural Society
French Institute Alliance Française
The French American Foundation
The Society for French Historical Studies

community eventsto go: community events

July 5-14 Asian Film Festival @ New York, NY
July 7 Funkadesi SummerDance @ Chicago, IL
July 8 Brazilian Summer Festival @ Los Angeles, CA
July 8-17 Eye on India Festival @ Chicago, IL
July 8-10 Irish Heritage Festival @ Chicago, IL
July 10 Colombian Festival @ Los Angeles, CA
July 10 Bastille Day on 60th Street @ New York, NY
July 17 Bastille Day Los Angeles @ Los Angeles, CA
July 21 - Aug 8 Jewish Film Festival @ San Francisco, CA
July 23 Colors of Cleveland Pride @ Cleveland, OH
July 24 Pakistan Independence Day Parade @ Chicago, IL
July 24 Peruvian Festival @ Los Angeles, CA
July 28-31 Fiesta del Sol @ Chicago, IL
July 31 Rhythms of Summer Concert @ Chicago, IL

Professional Eventsto go: professional events

July 10 Latino Cultural Forum @ Teaneck, NJ
July 12-14 Latin Conference @ New York, NY
July 14 Latina Benefit Fashion Show @ San Francisco, CA
July 19-20 Multicultural Women's Conference @ New York, NY
July 19-22 Hispanic Nurses Conference @ Las Vegas, NV
July 20 Asian Pacific Community Fund Gala @ Los Angeles, CA
July 20-23 African American Hotel Owners Summit @ Las Vegas, NV
July 20 Multicultural Women at Work @ online
July 21-22 Diversity Leadership Training @ Washington, DC
July 22-24 Bay Area Black Expo @ Oakland, CA
July 23-26 Council of La Raza Conference @ Washington, DC
July 27 Diversity Training Seminar @ Newport, RI
July 27-30 National Urban League Conference @ Boston, MA
July 29 For People of Color Annual Mixer @ Los Angeles, CA

Mark Your Calendar: upcoming events
July is the last month to take advantage of the early bird discount for the New American Mainstream Business Summit in Miami from Oct. 26-28. Hundreds of marketing executives are expected to attend the multicultural-focused conference.

Market Researchin the know: market research

Half of Hispanics Between 14-34 prefer Bilingual Content
Nearly 50 percent of new generation Latinos (NGLs) look for bilingual or bicultural programming, especially content that resonates with their real lives and where "their American and Latino sides meet," according to a report sponsored by MTV Tr3s and conducted by two Hispanic organizations.

Black Kids Engage in Media More Than White Counterparts
A report by the Center of Media and Human Development at Northwestern University showed that African American children between the ages of 8 to 18 spend more time on social networking sites than white children. Asian and Hispanic kids use it most.

A Look at the Nation's Largest Hispanic Groups
Mexicans account for 63 percent of Hispanics in the U.S., followed by Puerto Ricans at just over 9 percent and Cubans at nearly 4 percent. The Pew Hispanic Center breaks down these and more Hispanic country-of-origin counts released by the U.S. Census in May.

On The Webon the web: insights

From blogs to national publications, Amerédia combs the finest multicultural resources online for the latest and most relevant industry news. Here are a few that had us talking last month.

Marketing to Hispanics Takes Center Stage
Miami Herald
How the Census Impacts Your Media Plan
Discovery Offers New Options for Spanish-Language Ads
How to Market to Minorities
National Journal
When Multicultural is the Culture
Multicultural Matters
Medical Marketing & Media

In The Newsin the news: our clients ⁄ partners

Comcast and Skype Team Up for HD Calling
Comcast Corporation and Skype announced a partnership that will enable Comcast customers to video chat from their TV sets. Skype video calls will be available via their TV whether their friends and family use Skype on their home TVs, PCs, compatible smartphones or tablets.

ABS-CBN Launches East Coast Feed for The Filipino Channel
ABS-CBN unveiled an East Coast feed for The Filipino Channel (TFC), the No. 1 Filipino network in the U.S. The new feed, TFC-E, will host the same programming as TFC at a 3-hour time shift to accommodate those living outside the Pacific time zone.

Chinese Concert Series at Thunder Valley Casino Resort
Dragon Li, Michelle Kim and Niki Chow were the stars of a Chinese concert hosted by Thunder Valley in late June. "All were well received by the mostly — scratch that — all Asian crowd," says a press member. The concert is one of many events slated for this summer at Thunder Valley.

Agency Reportabout us: agency report

Amerédia has seen a bustling and productive first half of the year and is gearing up for a second half that is bound to be just as busy. This summer we launched a series of competitive-message campaigns and are preparing for the upcoming celebratory festival season, establishing community and media partnerships to ensure the most efficient execution of our culturally-creative work. We have also brought in new creative professionals to the Améredia team, which continues to make headway in the marketing and advertising industry; the agency last month won two Telly Awards in the Entertainment and Travel/Tourism categories for a Thunder Valley Casino Resort TV spot. This is one of several awards and recognitions we picked up this year and are hoping the remainder of the year is equally as prosperous. Thank you to all our partners and supporters!

Emma award

Améredia was named a "Top Business in America" by, winning a total of five awards for its multicultural business practices. Awards include:
Top 500 Asian Owned Businesses in the U.S.
Top 100 Subcontinent Asian American Businesses in the U.S.
Top 100 Diversity Owned Businesses in California
Top 100 Women Owned Businesses in California
Top 100 8(a) Businesses in the U.S.

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Census 2010 Fast Facts
• South Carolina saw the highest percentage increase of Hispanics at 150%
• At 117%, Asian American population percentage growth was highest in Nevada
African Americans saw their largest percentage increase in Maine at 135%

cultural snapshot

cultural snapshot
You'll be surprised to learn that the act of beheading champagne bottles didn't originate from insatiable thirst in the absence of a cork screw. The technique, called sabrage, gained popularity in France during Napoleon's reign in the early 1800s. The saber was his army's weapon of choice and was used to slice open champagne bottles for celebratory victories.

media sheet
France-Amérique has been America's largest French-language publication since its founding as a weekly newspaper in 1943. It soon after became a biweekly and in 2008 saw its latest transition as a subscription-based monthly magazine. France-Amérique is published in New York and circulates about 20,000 copies nationwide.

bite-sized language
The official language of more than 30 countries, French is spoken as a native language by an estimated 128 million and about 390 million others speak it as a second language. Most of those are in France, northwestern Africa and Canada. French is one of the most-studied foreign languages of the world due its influential status in the political and business worlds.

Hello, how are you?: Bonjour, n'est-ce pas comment?
Nice to meet you: Agréable pour vous rencontrer

good eats

good eats

Breakfast, lunch or maybe even dinner – this easy-to-make quiche will have you cracking eggs at any time of day. Use salad bacon bits to save even more time. Enjoy!


Check out a recent XFINITY French creative featuring TV5MONDE.


Case Study
View an event marketing case study for the Polish American community.

meet améredian, Catherine
"I match the best media voices for our clients"
My own multicultural roots:
I was born and raised in Seoul, Korea and came to the States as a 1.5 generation. Coming from a highly homogeneous country, the diverse ethnic market was a new world to me. It triggered my curiosity for other ethnic groups and their individuality. At Améredia, I learn about other cultures every day and also contribute my own multicultural knowledge to help clients in the ethnic media realm.

global calendar
June Month: Caribbean American Heritage
July 4: Independence Day (U.S.)
July 5: Independence Day (Algeria, Venezuela)
July 6: Independence Day (Comoros)
July 7: Independence Day (Solomon Islands)
July 9: Independence Day (Argentina, Bahamas)
July 14: Bastille Day (France)
July 17: Independence Day (Slovakia)
July 19: Independence Day (Laos)
July 20: Independence Day (Colombia)
July 23: Revolution Day (Egypt)
July 26: Independence Day (Liberia, Puerto Rico)
July 28: Independence Day (Peru)
July 30: Somer's Day (Bermuda)