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to our readersto our readers: greetings

October is a significant month in the multicultural world: Hispanic Heritage Month ends midway, but German, Polish, Italian and Indian (Diwali) celebrations are only getting started. It's also prime conference season so be sure to check out ones going on in your area. Oh yes, have a Happy Halloween!
-- Team Améredia

spotlight on the Italian American Communityspotlight on: the Italian American community

Can you imagine life without Italian food? Neither can we. Italian culture is such an integral part of our society that we often forget what a significant role it had in the development of U.S. culture. Americans with Italian ancestry make up about 6 percent of the nation's population – the fourth largest European ethnic group after German, Irish and English.

Almost 18 million Italian Americans reside in the U.S. from coast to coast, with heavier concentrations in East Coast states like New York (2.7 million), New Jersey (1.5 million) and Pennsylvania (1.4 million), as well as in California's melting pot (1.5 million). In places like Johnston, Rhode Island and Hammonton, New Jersey, Italians make up nearly 50 percent of the entire state population. At $63,609, their median household income is slightly higher than the U.S. national average of $51,369. Myriad "Little Italy's" exist across the U.S. today, some of the more popular ones in New York City, Chicago, San Francisco and Boston.

While the line between American and Italian-American culture is slightly blurred, Italian-American communities are often characterized by strong family ties, Catholicism, fraternal societies and political affiliations. In entertainment, business and politics, the careers of Frank Capra, Joe DiMaggio, Nancy Pelosi, Martin Scorsese, Frank Sinatra and Vince Lombardi remind us of the clout that Italian Americans continue to carry in American culture – aside from just pizza, pasta and gelato.

Italian American Organizations
The Italian American community has a variety of professional and cultural organizations in the U.S., a few of them listed below.
National Italian American Foundation
Italian Heritage Society of Indiana
Peninsula Italian American Social Club
The Augustus Society
Italian American Association of the Township of Ocean
Italian American Citizens Club of SSF
FIERI Boston
National Organization of Italian American Women
Order Sons of Italy in America
Italian Cultural Society

community eventsto go: community events

Oct 5-9 Culture Collide Festival @ Los Angeles, CA
Oct 5-10 Oktoberfest @ Chicago, IL
Oct 7-10 Columbus Day Celebrations @ New York, NY
Oct 8 Diwali Festival @ Cupertino, CA
Oct 9 Columbus Day Celebration @ Boston, MA
Oct 9 Little Italy Festa @ San Diego, CA
Oct 9 Italian Heritage Parade @ San Francisco, CA
Oct 9, 15, 22-23 LA Oktoberfest @ Los Angeles, CA
Oct 10 Columbus Day Parade @ Chicago, IL
Oct 7-10 Banjo Burke Festival @ East Durham, NY
Oct 14-16 Pensacola Greek Festival @ Pensacola, FL
Oct 15 Day of the Hispanic World @ Houston, TX
Oct 15 Double Ten Day (Chinese) Parade @ Chicago, IL
Oct 15 ZAM Cultural Fest @ Los Angeles, CA
Oct 15-16 Turkishfest 2011 @ Houston, TX
Oct 16 Fiesta on the Hill @ San Francisco, CA
Oct 16 Old Pasadena Cultural Festival @ Pasadena, CA
Oct 21-22 Asian-American Jazz Festival @ Chicago, IL
Oct 22-23 Heart of Florida Asian Fest @ Gainesville, FL
Oct 28-29 2011 NIAF Expo Italia @ Washington, DC
Oct 29 Diwali Family Festival @ Chicago, IL
Oct 29 Outfest 2011 @ Philadelphia, PA

Professional Eventsto go: professional events

The focus: the growing multicultural market. The conference: The New American Mainstream Business Summit from Oct 26 to 28 in Miami. Fla.

Oct 6-7 Advertising Week @ New York, NY
Oct 6-9 Latin Media Entertainment Week @ New York, NY
Oct 6 Social Media & Multicultural Consumers @ New York, NY
Oct 6-7 Hispanic Women's Leadership Institute @ Phoenix, AZ
Oct 6-7 AAF Mosaic Awards @ New York, NY
Oct 10-11 Women's Business Conference @ National Harbor, MD
Oct 11-13 Hispanic Ad Conference @ Miami, FL
Oct 11-13 Women's Leadership Conference @ Washington, DC
Oct 13 Hispanic Business Awards @ Atlanta, GA
Oct 13-15 Accelerating Hispanic Biz Talent @ Anaheim, CA
Oct 17 Diversity Work Conference @ Arlington, VA
Oct 19 Asian Women Leadership Awards @ New York, NY
Oct 19-20 Marketing to Moms Conference @ Chicago, IL
Oct 19-22 Hispanic Publications Convention @ Las Vegas, NV
Oct 20 Latina Bloggers Conference @ Las Vegas, NV
Oct 21-23 Women Bloggers Conferece @ Washington, DC
Oct 24 TEDxWashingtonHeights @ New York, NY
Oct 24-26 SHRM D&I Game Changers @ Washington, DC
Oct 25-26 Diversity & Inclusion Seminars @ New York, NY
Oct 27-30 Black PR Society Conference @ Milwaukee, WI
Oct 28-30 Hispanic Women's Conference @ Austin, TX
Oct 29 Muslim Consumers Conference @ New Brunswick, NJ
Oct 30-Nov 2 Minority Supplier Conference @ Atlanta, GA

The US Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce will host Procurement Connections: Being Successful Together in 2011 & Beyond on Oct. 25 at the Wyndham Hotel in San Jose, Calif.

Market Researchin the know: market research

The Power of the African-American Consumer
If African-Americans were a country, their $1 trillion-plus purchasing power would make up the world's 16th largest country. This Nielsen report in conjunction with National Newspaper Publishers Association takes a look at the opportunities this presents to corporations as well as African-American consumers themselves.

Asian TV Households Grown Nearly 10 Percent
Nielsen reports all ethnic TV households will grow in the 2011-2012 season, but the most significant surge expected is among the Asian community. A 9.6 percent increase is anticipated for Asian TV households, 4.6 percent jump for Hispanics and 1.5 percent growth for African-Americans.

Millennials Willing to Share More Online
Older consumers are more concerned about privacy than younger generations, who share more in exchange for value. Data from a Wi-Fi hotspot provider suggests that about 55 percent of users under 55 are willing to share location, opposed to only 44 percent of those over 55.

African-Americans More Responsive to Digital Marketing
A Google study released in September revealed that African-Americans are more likely to own smartphones, click on smartphone ads, visit company websites, watch video, use apps and manage their finances on their mobile phones. This is in comparison to a representative sample of the U.S.

On The Webon the web: insights

From blogs to national publications, Améredia combs the finest multicultural resources online for the latest and most relevant industry news. Here are a few that had us talking last month.

Cable Industry Honors Hispanics with On Demand Programming
CTAM (Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing)
Few Marketers Use Spanish-Language Facebook Pages
Mexican Soft Drink Jarritos Steps Outside Hispanic Focus
The New York Times
Asian Americans Face 'Tech-Savvy' Stereotype in Ads
Washington Post
What the Web Searches Reveal About Cultural Biases
Hispanics, Asians Drive Surge in Multigenerational HHs
Hispanic Population Not Reflected in Corporate World
The Huffington Post
Q&A on Ethnic Marketing with Firefly Managing Director
Deliver Magazine

In The Newsin the news: our clients ⁄ partners

Comcast Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with Free Movies
Comcast will be offering award-winning movies for free to digital customers through Oct. 15 on Xfinity On Demand and It's all part of their Multiplatform Hispanic Film Festival in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month.

Mediaset Italia Makes U.S. Debut on Comcast
The 24-hour Italian-language channel Mediaset Italia is now available in the U.S. and made its debut in parts of Comcast's Freedom region (North/Central New Jersey and Bucks County, Pennsylvania). The launch came in response to the growing need for additional Italian programming in one of the nation's top Italian-speaking markets.

Agency Reportabout us: agency report

The ADCOLOR Awards & Industry Conference was the highlight of September for Améredia, where our Founder and Principal Pawan J. Mehra was presented with a 2011 Change Agent Award. The award was only a part of the entire celebrations. Améredia was also a recipient of four Excellence in Multicultural Marketing (EMMA) Awards that were presented during the National Association for Multi-Ethnicity in Communications (NAMIC) Conference on Oct. 4 and 5 in New York. Améredia was also represented at Advertising Week and Diversity Week Oct.3-7. Mehra will be a panelist in this month's New American Mainstream Business Summit in Miami. Behind the scenes, Améredia is working on the strategic and creative plans that have landed its recognition as a trendsetting multicultural marketing agency. German, Hispanic, Indian, Italian and Polish celebrations set the theme of many of our culturally-relevant campaigns hitting the market this month. Stay on top of everything multicultural by following us on Facebook.

Emma award

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"Technology alone is not enough. It’s technology married with liberal arts, married with humanities, that yields the results that make our hearts sing"
- Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

Améredia pays homage to tech pioneer Steve Jobs, whose Apple products now form the backbone of all creative agencies worldwide. Thank you for your visionary inspiration, Steve

Census 2010 Fast Facts
• 50% of the Black population lives in the South
Hispanics accounted for 75% of White population growth
White Multiple-Race Reporting Increased by 37 %

cultural snapshot

cultural snapshot
Derived from the Latin terms carne levare (meat forfeiture), Carnevale is a month-long celebration that prepares Italians for self-inflicted meat deprivation during Lent season. Anything goes during the lead-up beginning on Jan. 6, including parades, masquerade balls, entertainment, music and revelry.

media sheet
The Italian Tribune is the largest publication serving the Italian community in U.S. since 1931. Found on more than 5,000 newsstands in the New York metropolitan area, it features current events and happenings of interest to the Italian American community. The Italian Tribune sponsors one of the nation's largest Christopher Columbus celebrations and publishes old photographs and stories featuring the Italian Americans who helped build America.

bite-sized language
Spoken as a native language by about 13 percent (65 million) of the European Union population, Italian is the Romance language closest to Latin vocabulary. More than 75 million people speak it worldwide and it is the eighth most spoken language in the U.S.

Hi! How are you?: Ciao! Come stai?
Where are you from?: Di dove sei?
What time is it?: Che ore sono?

good eats

good eats

Gnocchis are small dumplings made from potato, semolina, or flour, usually served with a sauce.  Add these gnocchi to your favorite sauce and you will have a delicious meal!

• 2 Potatoes
• 2 cups all-purpose flour
• 1 egg
Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil. Peel potatoes and add to pot. Cook until tender but still firm, about 15 minutes. Drain, cool and mash with a potato masher.  Combine 1 cup mashed potato, flour and egg in a large bowl. Knead until dough forms a ball. Shape small portions of the dough into long "snakes". On a floured surface, cut snakes into half-inch pieces. Bring a large pot of lightly salted water to a boil. Drop in gnocchi and cook for 3 to 5 minutes or until gnocchi have risen to the top; drain and serve with your favorite sauce.

Check out our competitive-messaging Italian creative for Comcast.


meet améredian, Kai
"I transform ideas into visual designs at Améredia"
My own multicultural roots:
Born and raised in Hong Kong, I speak three different dialects of Chinese and have lived in major cities across the globe. I enjoy meeting and learning from people of varying cultures. As a designer at Améredia, I'm able to use my cultural insight to create powerful and authentic visual work.

global calendar
German-American Heritage Month
Italian-American Heritage Month
Polish-American Heritage Month
Oct 1: Independence Day (Nigeria)
Oct 2: Gandhi's Birthday (India)
Oct 3: Day of German Unity (Germany)
Oct 5: Chongyang Festival (China, Taiwan, Hong Kong)
Oct 8: Yom Kippur (Jewish)
Oct 9: Cirio de Nazare (Brazil)
Oct 9: Han'gul Day (Korea)
Oct 10: Thanksgiving Day (Canada)
Oct 10: Double Ten Day (China)
Oct 11: Columbus Day (USA)
Oct 12: Noss Senhora de Aparecida (Brazil)
Oct 12: Hispanic Day (Spain)
Oct 13-19: Sukkot (Jewish)
Oct 18: National Heroes Day (Jamaica)
Oct 26-30: Diwali (India)
Oct 28: Nationial Day "Ochi" (Greece)
Oct 31: Halloween (USA, Canada)