Middle Eastern Americans

Middle Eastern Americans are classified as White on the 2000 US Census along with North Africans and European Americans.

Total population of Middle Eastern Americans is 936,656, 4% of the US population. 82% of Middle Eastern Americans are U.S. Citizens, with 63% born in the U.S.

Leading states with significant populations are California, New York, Florida, Washington DC, and Virginia.

5 primary groups are: Lebanese, Arab/Arabic, Egyptian, Syrian, and Iranian.

Middle Eastern Americans generally have strong commitment to family, economic and educational achievement (85% has a high school diploma or higher and more than 4 out of 10 Middle Eastern Americans have a bachelor's degree of higher).

Middle Eastern Americans work in all occupations. They are more likely to be self- employed or to be entrepreneurs or to work in sales. About 60% of working Middle Eastern Americans are executives, professionals, office and sales staff.

Total population: 440,279 Median household income in 1999: 52,575

Lebanese Americans constitute a greater part of the total number of Middle Eastern Americans residing in most states, except New Jersey.

Languages: Arabic (official), French, English, Armenian

Total population: 205,822 Media household income in 1999: 37,110

The Arab-American population as a whole is quite young. Arab Americans are generally better educated than the average American and a large percentage attends college.

According to Arab American Business Magazine, more than 60% of Arab Americans are at the average level of brand royalty across a variety of products. Also, the statistics show that 86% of Arab Americans are likely to purchase a product advertised on Arab American media.

Total Population: 142,832 Median household income in 1999: 50,241

A large Egyptian American community is located in northeastern Virginia and the Washington DC metropolitan area.

Total population: 142,897 Median household income in 1999: 51,904

Total Population: 338,266 Median household income in 1999: 58,912

Large concentrations of Iranian Americans live in California, around Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Jose. Because of large population in Los Angeles, it is sometimes referred to as "Tehrangeles", in illusion to the Iranian capital of Tehran. Also, large population is concentrated in Washington DC, Dallas, Houston, and Texas.

26.2% of Iranian Americans attain a masters degree of higher, 56.2% attain a bachelor's degree of higher, and 90.8% receive a high school diploma or higher.

Many Iranian Americans have founded/participated in senior leadership positions of many major US companies, including Fortune 500 companies such as GE, Intel, Verizon, Motorola, Ebay, and AT&T.

Total Population: 385,488 Median household income in 1999: 48,010

Total Population: 53,709 Median household income in 1999: 36,115 (total population: 41,994)