Russian American Demographics

Russian American Population
Russian American population is estimated at approximately 2.9 million people.

Second largest ethnic market representing 10.3% (2.9 Million people) of the total foreign-born population of 28.4 million. The leading ethnic group is Mexicans that represent 28% or 7.8 million of all US foreign-born population.

Russian speaking population in USA and Canada is estimated to be about 6 million.

Leading States
New York, California, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts. 

Leading Cities
New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Detroit.

Percentage Distribution
NY Tri-State Area – 24%
California – 16%
Illinois – 16%
Pennsylvania – 10%
Massachusetts – 8%
Florida – 7%
DC and Maryland – 3%

New York Population
New York leads the nation in the number of Russian Americans.

About 1.6 Million reside in New York Tri-State area.

About 600,000 reside in the City of New York representing 8% of the population.

Numbers exceed those of other leading ethnic groups like Chinese (760,000) and Dominican (620,000).

California Population
There are an estimated 600,000 Russian-speaking people in Southern California.

Major resident areas are: Hidden Hills, Calabasas, Los Angeles, Westlake Village, Agoura Hills and Simi Valley, in declining order of affluence.

Median household incomes range from $80,000 for Simi Valley to $200,000 for Hidden Hills.

Bachelor Degree holders range from 40% for Simi Valley to 75% for Calabasas.

There are an estimated 5.5 million Russian-speaking people in the Unites States.

Most Russian- speakers are bilingual but generally prefer to speak their native language at home, and turn to Russian-language media for the latest news and information.

64% are married with an average of 1.6 children per family.

Higher home ownerships rates (57% vs. 41%) and smaller family size (1.60 vs. 2.44) compared to overall US foreign-born population – translated to more wealth per household.

Median Annual Household Income of $50,500.

For New York, the median income of Russian-Americans was 47,000 compared to $38,866 for the general population, $42,199 for the Chinese and $19,800 for the Dominican community.

27.4% have an income of $50,000 or more. 23.2% have an income of $25,000 or less.

53% hold a bachelor’s degree or higher.

80.3% have completed a HS Diploma compared to 67% for the foreign born population.

Inclination towards higher education, high-paying employment and general readership.

Higher readership of in-language print media among older and first generations.

Higher usage of Internet and online media among the more acculturated and tech savvy younger generations.

Being an educated community, Russian Americans focus more on post-collegiate work participation and are involved in higher-paying employment.

67.5% are in managerial, professional, technical and sales occupations (compared to 45.6% for all foreign-born).

21.4% are involved in service occupations (compared to 31.2% for all foreign-born).

11.9% work as operators, fabricators, and laborers (compared to 18.7% for all foreign born).

0.06% hold farming, forestry, and fishing jobs (compared to 4.6% for all foreign-born).

Labor force participation for the community was 23 years and older (compared to 16 years and older for all foreign-born)

Median age of 32.5 years compared to 38.1 years for all foreign-born people.

Higher population in the age group of 55 years and over (44.1% compared to 17.3% for all foreign-born people).

Lower population in the age group of 0-24 years (8.6% compared to 21% of all foreign-born people) and 25-54 years (47.6% compared to 58.7% of all foreign-born people).