Hispanic Market - Origins

The Mexican community is the largest Hispanic group which consists of 6.5 million households.
More than 80 percent of them are in the Pacific, West South Central, and Mountain regions.

* 55% of them include children under the age of 18
* More than 2/3 of household is under 45
* Expected to reach 8.5 million with about 62% of households headed by under 45 of age by 2010
* By 2010, Mexican population’s total purchasing power expected to be more than $409 billion

Central/South American
There are 1.6 million Central/South American households which is the second largest of the Hispanic community.

• 75% are concentrated in the Pacific, South Atlantic, and Middle Atlantic area
• 2/3 of households is under the age of 45
• By 2010, expected to reach 2 million households with about 60% of households headed by under 45 of age
• Current purchasing power is $76 billion and expected to rise to $107 billion

Puerto Rican
Puerto Rican households are the third largest with 1.2million. More than 2/3 of the population is concentrated in the South Atlantic and Middle Atlantic regions.

• By 2010, the number is expected to reach 1.5 million with about 50% of households headed by under 45
• The income of this group is estimated to grow from $46 billion to 65 billion

Cuban households are the smallest group of the Hispanic community, about 511,000. Around 75% of the population concentrated in South Atlantic area.

• Majority of the households are headed by persons over 55
• By 2010, the purchasing power is estimated to increase by 45% to $32 billion

There are 757,000 households of all other Hispanics.

• About 50% households are headed by under 45
• More than 60% of the population is concentrated in the Middle Atlantic, Mountain, and Pacific regions
• By 2010, the number is expected to grow to 1 million , purchasing power will increase by 44% which is $56 billion

∗ Source: The Hispanic Market in 2010, The Conference Board