Hispanics Online

• Hispanic online users will exceed 20 million users by the end of the decade (Web researcher eMarketer).

• Characteristics of Hispanic online users:
- rapidly adopting broadband connection (half of the online users are on high- speed connections at home)
- go online an average of 9.2 hours a week (8.5 hours for the general online population)
- 70% of users view the internet as the best medium to compare prices
- 56% of users are between the ages of 18 to 34 (34% for the general population)

Mexico Internet Marketing
There are total 127 million Mexicans and about 43% is U.S population (about 24 million). Among them, 17 million are internet users and the number is growing.

The internet user profile:
• 58% of them have attended and graduated university
• 11.5% with a masters or doctorate degree
• 38% are within 35- 45 years old
• Higher incomes
• 61% are from Mexico City

Growth in connectivity across the Mexican community is due to American money transfer dollars. Recent initiatives by the U.S. banking industry facilitates for a U.S. family member to open a bank account. Once the account is opened, their ATM card has a triple fold effect. 1) Money Transfer 2) Debit Card 3) eCommerce.